Flash Web Album Templates

There are so many special moments in life that we want to cherish forever, birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar mitzvah, housewarming, vocations. To make flash photo albums and share these significant moments with your family and friends, tell them your stories and pass on your happiness. With Flash Slideshow Maker, you can build and share flash photo gallery easily.

Flash Photo Gallery Template -- Carousel

Features:  1. Carousel flash web album   2. Navigate through fully free mouse movement, right/left, up/down  3. Click thumbnail to zoom to large photo, click "Back" at lower right corner to exit enlarge display  4. Set a web link for each slide or set a default web link for all slides  5. Customizable photo, thumbnail, background  6. Click "Full screen" at lower left corner to enter/exit full screen display mode

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Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac is available to download for free. If you like the program and want to enjoy all the gorgeous features, please order the full version.